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Audio & Video

We design multi room audio & video systems to enable all rooms to be able to access centrally stored music, movies, satellite tv, cctv etc.

All rooms would still have independent access, for example, the kitchen could be listening to an ipod whilst the bedroom is accessing a movie stored on a server, and the living room is using the DAB or internet radio.

In ceiling / in wall or conventional floorstanding / bookshelf speakers are supplied & fitted, we install waterproof speakers outdoors & in pool areas.

We conceal all of the equipment in a central location within you're home, and you control it via in wall keypads & touchscreens or remote controls.

HD video can be sent to all screens, ensuring sources such as BluRay & SkyHD are watched in the quality intended.

We also supply & install waterproof tv's for outdoors & bathroom / pool areas.

  • Music & movie servers
  • Discreet high performance speakers
  • High quality audio & video
  • Convenient access to you're media collection
  • No more cd's or dvd's to find & get damaged
  • Access to you're itunes & movie collection from any room
  • SkyHD in all rooms

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